CACHATTO further reaching out to its clientele

This year, 2019, e-Jan Networks, together with its wholly owned subsidiaries, E-Jan International Ltd. and CACHATTO India Pvt. Ltd. (CIPL) aims to further reach out to its clients and partners in providing Secure Unified Digital Workspace™ for businesses to increase productivity and flexibility to end users. By engaging with our clients, we are constantly innovating ways to support companies and administrations with secure digital workspace infrastructure and strive to actualise workspace security and work-style reform.

e-Jan Networks developed CACHATTO, the Secure Unified Digital Workspace™ platform, which is renowned as the most trusted data access solution in Japan and the market leader in various categories for 7 consecutive years. CACHATTO provides secure access to on-prem or cloud-based enterprise resources to the right users, anytime, any where, using a any device. Employees are empowered with a flexible working environment by having access to the enterprise resources whether they are on the move, in the office or at a remote location. CACHATTO delivers an increase in business agility and productivity while providing complete data security.

Find out more about CACHATTO and its other features by visiting CACHATTO website or contact us (E-Jan Intl. or CIPL) about what CACHATTO can do for your business.

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